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Freshly Cooked, Healthy &
Natural Food For Your Furkids

Kini sumber protein alami yang Human-Grade
jadi begitu mudah untuk disajikan bagi Anabul

No drama just food coma

We cooked our fresh and natural ingredients super slowly at a safe temperature to preserve nutrients while stripping all dangerous pathogens.

Out tale...

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A surreal beginning

It all started with an idea to leave our office jobs and spend more time to play with dogs. We realise that the first and foremost way to love our pets is to provide them with a long-healthy-happy life.

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Discovering canine nutrition

When we found out how real food can be the source of all the good things in our pet-friend’s life, there is no turning back. Pawmeals is committed to provide only the freshest and the safest minimally processed Healthy & Natural Dog Food.

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Things move much faster now that it isn’t just Brett packing orders by hand

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Since 2019

We met lots and lots of inspiring veterinarian, pawrents, pet advocates that help us to learn that nutritious food can simply change lives. We also want to thank Yukana, Monty, Roonie, Hello, Peha, Lilo, Kiko, Greyson and Gretel, our beloved doggos who let us learn the way to deserve their kinship.

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Say hello to our leader of the pack, Manna!

Dogs of all shapes and sizes were thriving on the food and their humans had newfound peace of mind about what they were feeding. With a small-but-mighty team, they expanded delivery nationwide — without sacrificing a crumb of the care, love, and quality of their first home-cooked batch.

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Delivering the first batch of orders in the wee hours of the morning